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I'm a lifestyle kink player and live in a 24/7 dynamic with My submissive. Before becoming a professional Myself, I spent 2 years as a submissive serving under and learning from a professional Dominant.

Kink is deeply tied to My existence as a queer and disabled person in many ways: as a means to regulate My body, to create art, to challenge Myself, and to connect with others.

As much as I am able, I aim to be trauma informed and to create a safer place for us to play. You'll see this reflected in my booking and negotiation process - I move slowly with intention to ensure I'm as equipped as I can be to guide you into the experience you want.

I accept clients of all genders, orientations, and ages.

About Me

My Offerings

Impact play (flogging, caning, paddling, etc)

Rough body play (punching, kicking, wrestling)

Fire play


Semenawa (painful rope)

Breath play


Degradation & Humiliation

Sissification & Forced Feminization

Sensory Deprivation

Praise & Dignification

Sharps (scalpels, needles)

Knife play (non-cutting, fear based)

NOTE: No illegal services are offered or implied, and requests for any illegal service will be ignored.