Serve Rue.


I offer you space to lay down your burdens for a while. To say yes to your desires and dance with your fears. To breathe deeply, or not at all.

Allow me guide you into submission, sweetly dipped in all the pain and pleasure you crave.

I'm selective with the sessions and submissive I accept. Send a thoughtful and detailed message for consideration.

My Play

Client Testimonials

"My first scene with Rue was pleasurable and liberating. Through focus on negotiating and presence, I was able to unfetter my mind and body with the trust established. Rue displayed skill not only with the tools at play, but also response to body language and breath. I was consistently in a goldilocks state of not too hard and not too soft. Riding on the edges ever so often which makes things more exhilarating."

"My scene with Sir Rue was everything I could’ve hoped for, and more. As a heavy masochist, I find myself being underestimated by tops and Dominants alike. Sir Rue recognized my threshold, and challenged me in new provoking ways. I was able to release control and fully submit to him in a way that left me craving more. It’s safe to say I was bruised for the next week or so, temporary reminders of what I would soon be returning to for more."


Send a thoughtful request to get my attention.